Mozilla Firefox and slow HTTP requests in Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10)

Submitted by Jochus on Wed, 28/04/2010 - 00:05 | Posted in: Linux

Last weeks, I had troubles opening pages at work (on my Ubuntu installation). It took about 20 seconds to open a page. And okay, you can say that 20 seconds is not long. But really, for every page I wanted to see, I had to wait 20 seconds ... and it was getting very annoying :-)!

The problem seems to be related to IPv6. I'm not really sure it's totally fixed now, but it seems to be going better. Every time you try to access a website, a DNS lookup is made. But Ubuntu first tried to resolve for an IPv6 address, and then he tried IPv4.
This problem wasn't there at the beginning of my installation, so I think it will be related to some software update :-( ...

Anywayz, a temporary solution:

  • go to about:config in Firefox
  • search for: network.dns.disableIPv6
  • if this value is set to false, change it to true

Now, pages seems to be loading fast, but I still need some smoke testing ;-)!
I'll keep you updated

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