[Windows] Spiceworks

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 30/06/2008 - 22:07 | Posted in: Windows

Vorige week heb ik het programmatje Spiceworks geprobeerd.
Volgens Wikipedia:

Spiceworks provides a free systems management, inventory, and helpdesk software application, Spiceworks IT Desktop, designed for network administrators working in small- to medium-sized businesses.

Spiceworks is a privately held company headquartered in Austin, Texas with an initial round of $5M funding[1] from Austin Ventures.[2] Spiceworks was formed in early 2006,[3] by Scott Abel, Jay Hallberg, Greg Kattawar, and Francis Sullivan. The co-founders of Spiceworks have backgrounds with Motive Inc, Tivoli Software, Apple, and NeXT.

Spiceworks IT Desktop is used to inventory, monitor, manage and report on software and hardware assets. It also includes an integrated help desk system. Spiceworks runs on Microsoft Windows and discovers Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac OS X machines along with other IP-addressable devices such as routers, VOIP phones, printers, etc. Spiceworks is an advertisement-supported application[4] and is written in Ruby on Rails.

Ik vond het zeer knap geschreven (Ruby on Rails, aub!) en vooral "good-looking". Voor privé gebruik lijkt het mij nogal overkill, maar voor een klein bedrijf zie ik er wel het nut van in.

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