Changing the time/clock in a Citroen C3 (2006)

Submitted by Jochus on Sun, 24/04/2011 - 20:07 | Posted in: Lifetime

My girlfriend always asks me: how to change the clock in my Citroen C3 car?
I must say, the user interface is so complicated, that even with a manual, I still don't succeed to do it myself.

This is the trick;

  • Press Menu
  • Use the up/down button and look for Reg. weergeven - I'm sorry, I have no idea what this is an English car
  • Press OK
  • Use the up/down button and look for Uren (hours) or Minuten (minutes), but do NOT press left/right arrow key or NOT the OK button, as this action will leave the configuration menu
  • Wait 2 seconds, and you will be able to change hours and minutes (separately) by using the left/right arrow keys
  • Press OK to confirm

Happy to have written this down for myself! :-). Hopefully, I can help somebody else with this stupid problem!


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/08/2011 - 23:53

i've always ask myself how to that, now i now --> thank you very very much

Submitted by James (not verified) on Thu, 01/11/2012 - 07:36

Menu > Display Adjust > OK > Day/month/year/min/hours etc

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