ClickOnce application cannot be started when served by old Apache HTTPD (plain XML in browser)

Submitted by Jochus on Fri, 13/03/2015 - 19:42 | Posted in: Windows

I recently stumbled into an issue of which a ClickOnce application was not started when trying to open it using a browser (doesn't matter if it was Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome, or ...). An XML file was always visible in the browser.

After doing some reach, I noticed the .application file was served as content type: text/plain

We have an older version of Apache HTTPD running (2.2.8, with a release of 2008-01-19). In the $APACHE_HOME/conf/mime.types file, there was no mentioning of the content type for files with extension: application. In a more recent version of Apache HTTPD, the mime.types already takes care of these files.

After adding the following lines (and restarting the Apache HTTPD server), the problem was solved

application/x-ms-application 		        application
application/manifest 			        manifest
application/octet-stream 		        deploy

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