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Submitted by SG Racing (not verified) on Fri, 30/12/2016 - 11:50

I have had this issue twice now (first time a few months back which required a software re-intall). However, I figured second time round that it must be something simple regarding some kind of update and there must be a simpler solution.
Basically, something has changed on my computer (probably due to an update) and it can no longer identify the Dymo printer (with no facility to search). So I did the following which worked for me...

(Using windows 10)

- go to control panel (hold windows key and press X, then select control panel)
- double-click "devices and printers"

Here, I could see that the Dymo printer had fallen into the "unspecified device" category and the simple solution was to manually update the driver...

- right-click the Dymo printer, then select properties
- select the hardware tab shown at the top
- click the properties button
- click change settings button
- run through the tabs at the top until you see a "update driver" button (My layout has changed as I have already done it and I cannot remember which tab it was in)

Hope this helps



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